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HighFive Health delivers community medication management through technology and services that leverage medication complexity risk scoring proven to facilitate improved health outcomes and reduced costs. SymphonyAlpha is proud to be a strategic development and investment partner. Learn more



EmOpti leverages telemedicine technology and robust healthcare analytics, to deliver emergency care for thousands of patients in the U.S. Learn more

Intellivisit is your personal on-demand doctor. Avoid the inconvenience and displeasure of sitting in waiting rooms, re-filling out patient forms, and hoping the doctor can solve your problem. SymphonyAlpha is a strategic investor and development partner. Learn More 


ExplORer is an interactive surgical playbook that promotes optimal teamwork in the operating room. Best practices are built into a surgeon-customized workflow for each procedure. ExplORer eliminates wasted time and materials across a growing number of procedures. Learn More 

We’re pleased to add Review Trackers to the SymphonyAlpha portfolio. Review Trackers is a one-stop shop where you can track and respond to all of your online reviews. Whether you’re a health system or a chain of restaurants, Review Trackers is an essential tool for online reputation management. Learn more



SupplyCopia is a cloud-based platform that brings hospitals and suppliers on a single platform. Through a global products and supplier database, and various spend analytics tools, SupplyCopia empowers hospitals to improve their supply-chain operations. Learn more


As the Internet’s first RoboAgency, Needls provides an easy and effective way for startups and SMBs to drive customer acquisition through social ad campaigns. Needls leverages data science and programmatic buying techniques to optimize its clients’ ads across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Learn more



GrocerKey works with grocers to develop an effective end-to-end e-commerce experience using proprietary cloud-based tools. Learn more


Starchup provides digital ordering and route management for laundromats and dry cleaners. Learn more


Try Synqq for smart collaboration around meetings. Learn more


Past Exits


SymphonyCare acquired by MEDSEEK, October, 2013

Symphony developed the SymphonyCare technology platform as a comprehensive population analytics and clinical workflow tool to help healthcare providers and payers adapt to evolving delivery requirements. After carefully vetting SymphonyCare as a performance- and market-tested product, MEDSEEK acquired the Symphony-built technology to add powerful clinical and financial capabilities to their market-leading patient engagement offering.

Liazon Corporation acquired by Towers Watson for for $215M

Symphony developed the initial product for Liazon Corporation, an online private benefits exchange solution, as an early-stage development partner. By developing this Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Symphony helped enable a large private equity round and an ultimate acquisition by Towers Watson for $215 million in November of 2013.

Symphony Data Corporation acquired by Apollo Health Street

Symphony Data Corporation was perhaps the most successful SymphonyAlpha spin-off to date. Its Business Process Outsourcing business grew quickly and attracted a strategic buyer in Zavata in 2005. Two years after this nine-figure exit, Zavata was then acquired by Apollo Health Street. 

Online directory service acquired by Yellow Pages

Through a Blue Cloud Ventures fund, SymphonyAlpha was an early-stage investor in, an online directory service, which was  acquired by Yellow Pages to strengthen its position in Canada.

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