SymphonyAlpha Strategy

What we invest in, how we do it

In a nutshell, SymphonyAlpha looks for promising healthcare technology start-ups with a strong team, a compelling value proposition, and great potential for recurring SaaS revenues.


SymphonyAlpha portfolio companies make significant advancements in healthcare and other industries  by leveraging technologies to transform and enhance workflow


SymphonyAlpha ventures are best-in-breed companies brought to market quickly and effectively through tested development processes, industry contacts, and supportive team leadership

Cutting-edge Tech

SymphonyAlpha builds, improves, and invests in cutting-edge and, ultimately, market-leading technologies through expertise in both complex data models and UI/UX design

SaaS Focus

SymphonyAlpha companies leverage cloud-based technologies to move with evolving computing and technology usage trends, while also building recurring revenue streams

Investing in the Midwest



Producing an Active Return


How We Invest: Build, Partner, Invest, or A Combination



SymphonyAlpha, through Symphony Corporation, a global IT consulting firm can serve as a provider of development services Symphony offers a 360° partnership approach and serves its clients from concept to full cycle product development, deployment and support. Symphony brings extensive experience, mature product development processes and technology frame works for new product development. The combination of our domain expertise with matured quality management systems and proven skills in state of the art technologies offer key advantages—faster, better and more cost-effective solutions to start-up clients.



SymphonyAlpha, also through Symphony Corporation, can provide product development services as part of an equity partnership with companies that bring compelling opportunities to the table but still need significant investments in R&D.



SymphonyAlpha will also make angel-sized investments in promising start-ups that are in their early stages but have a minimum viable product (MVP) that they are looking to improve as they build market insight and ultimate acceptance with an initial Beta client.


There’s No One-size-fits-all Approach

At SymphonyAlpha we realize that deals come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on the size and scope of the R&D necessary to develop an MVP, Symphony may or may not be the ideal development partner. As a result, we are open to devising an optimal arrangement with qualifying companies that leverage respective strengths and provide the quickest path to market viability.


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