Investment Model

What makes us different

The SymphonyAlpha Time-to-Market Advantage

SymphonyAlpha companies benefit from a tested spin-off model that leverages Symphony Corporation’s product development expertise and industry connections to:

  1. Identify a gap in the market and a customer willing to pay for a solution
  2. Build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  3. Validate the MVP with a Beta client
  4. If necessary, raise money
  5. Scale up sales and marketing efforts before attracting attention from a strategic buyer

A History of Success

Start-ups, like anything else, are easier said than done, but we have the results to prove our model. In Q4 of 2013 alone SymphonyAlpha companies, which have leveraged Symphony Corporation resources and connections, experienced two major acquisitions.

SymphonyCare acquired by MEDSEEK, October, 2013

Symphony developed the SymphonyCare technology platform as a comprehensive population analytics and clinical workflow tool to help healthcare providers and payers adapt to evolving delivery requirements. After carefully vetting SymphonyCare as a performance- and market-tested product, MEDSEEK acquired the Symphony-built technology to add powerful clinical and financial capabilities to their market-leading patient engagement offering.

Liazon Corporation acquired by Towers Watson for for $215MM

Symphony developed the initial product for Liazon Corporation, an online private benefits exchange solution, as an early-stage development partner. By developing this Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Symphony helped enable a large private equity round and an ultimate acquisition by Towers Watson for $215 million in November of 2013.


How Do We Do it?

SymphonyAlpha Ventures relies on Symphony Corporation’s mature, CMMi Level 4-assessed development processes, as well as its history of success in attracting, vetting, and onboarding top-notch IT talent. This mitigates the often-underestimated risks of IT development. The Standish Group reports that just over 16% of IT projects are completed on time and on budget. If our history is any indication, SymphonyAlpha companies experience a far greater rate of success in building a proper MVP to bring to market on both a resource- and time-efficiency basis.

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