Alpha Company, Meet Beta Client

The SymphonyAlpha Time-to-Market Advantage

SymphonyAlpha leverages nearly 20 years of experience in healthcare technology to bring products from concept to market acceptance at a Beta client through its vast network of health systems and Fortune 500 companies. Partner with SymphonyAlpha for a quick path to market backed up by proven results.


Our Value Proposition


SymphonyAlpha portfolio companies make significant advancements in healthcare and other industries  by leveraging technologies to transform and enhance workflow


SymphonyAlpha ventures are best-in-breed companies brought to market quickly and effectively through tested development processes, industry contacts, and supportive team leadership

Cutting-edge Tech

SymphonyAlpha builds, improves, and invests in cutting-edge and, ultimately, market-leading technologies through expertise in both complex data models and UI/UX design

SaaS Focus

SymphonyAlpha companies leverage cloud-based technologies to move with evolving computing and technology usage trends, while also building recurring revenue streams

Accelerator-like support, but the rent is on you

SymphonyAlpha draws upon tested product development processes and industry expertise to bring businesses from concept to market validation in a quick, lean way. Through Symphony Corporation we have built complex data models for population health management, an online private benefits exchange, a mobile-enabled remote monitoring system for healthcare, and have take on other large development projects for end clients. Each of these concepts have either leveraged part of Symphony’s core product development apparatus or have been developed entirely within Symphony Corporation before being spun off successfully and sold to a strategic buyer. Essentially, the companies we invest in gain everything needed from a value-added investor except for the incubator space itself.


  • Industry Connections 100%
  • Investor Connections 100%
  • Market Insight 100%
  • Product Development Expertise 100%
  • Physical Incubator Space (Sorry) 0%

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